5 Easy Steps to Beat the Bookies

Have in-depth knowledge of the sport you are betting on

Knowing your sport well is not just about which team has gone on a 10 game unbeaten streak, or how many clean sheets they have kept this season. Were they good, or were they just lucky?

Which player is having a contract issue? Which player is unhappy with the manager for being played out of his natural position? Which player wants to leave the club? Which club is going through a tough fixture list? Who are their next opponents? Are they going to rest some key players this week? These are the kind of details that will help u spot good value bets and give u an edge over the bookies.

The favourite does not always win

This seems an obvious fact to everyone reading this article. However, it is difficult for any punter to ignore the price bookies have given.

Example: When Rafael Nadal took on Fabio Fognini at the Barcelona Open back in April 2015, the bookmakers had set Nadal as a heavy favourite. Nadal is the “King of Clay” and has won the Barcelona Open no less than 8 times.

However, what the bookmakers had overlooked was that Fognini had beaten Nadal on clay only a few months earlier in Brazil. In addition, Fognini’s record of knocking out top seeds made his 8/1 price look like an extremely attractive value bet. In the end, Fognini went on to beat Nadal in straight sets.

Bet with more than 1 bookmaker

With plenty of operators in the market, you have plenty of choices. Different websites have different loyalty schemes or deposit bonuses to try and keep you betting with them and only them. Which website offers you the best First Deposit Bonus? Which website offers you daily bonuses for playing with them? Choose the website which gives you the best value for money or play on a variety of sites where you can enjoy the benefits of the different bookmakers all at once!

Don’t bet with your heart

Punters often make the mistake of betting with their heart. You might really want your team to win and even start to convince yourself it’s possible. Before you know it, you believe it so much that you’ve placed a wager on it.

The bookies love it because each week they’ll rake it in from all the home fans willing their soon-to-be relegated team to beat the table leaders.

Similarly, avoid important events like derby games. The unpredictable element is magnified because there’s more at stake and players may elevate themselves for that extra degree of honour and pride.

Pick the right moment

It’s difficult to pinpoint the right time to place your bet because, unlike with horse racing, it’s not ‘best odds guaranteed’ on sports bets but it’s usually best to do it on the day.

Some bookies will enhance prices or have special offers ahead of a popular event. Examples of this are refunds on losing tickets if the score ends 0-0, or perhaps your bet will be considered a winning bet as long as your team goes 3-0 up.

Promotions such as this give you added value in your bets. Do remember to look out for such offers and utilize them!


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