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Red18 is the best sportsbook brand that offers competitive odds when it comes to soccer bet online at sports betting sites in Malaysia. We aim to give you a wide range of sporting events in Malaysia that you can bet on. We have Sportsbook providers such as WinningFT, CMD368, and TBSBet to give all our customers an absolute online betting experience in Malaysia.

Red18 assures to provide reliable and secure sports betting services in Malaysia to all satisfied customers. Feel the thrill of online sports betting by placing your bets on the great odds that Red18 has to offer.

Learn How to Do Soccer Bet Online

Soccer is arguably one of the most popular sports betting in Malaysia. It has millions of supporters with the likes of Europe and Asia which allows die-hard fans to start their betting. How to win soccer bets, especially if you are a beginner? Just simply learn the basics and enjoy soccer betting while having fun as we bring you all the major football events you can count on such as English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and more.

Register your account with us and we will help you on how to win soccer bet online with the help of our comprehensive odds regardless of the soccer leagues you’re betting on with our reliable sportsbook betting in Malaysia.

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Red18 is an all-in-one trusted platform, also leading sportsbook and sports betting sites in Malaysia bringing you the best odds for soccer bet online. This is for the benefit of all players who are interested in online betting. These players who are interested in online sports betting can compare the odds between these two providers and choose the best odds on the market for the bet they wish to place!

We have attractive monthly sportsbook promotions for all our members to participate in. These promotions will allow players to win rewards such as cash bonuses if they meet the criteria. Promotions like these allow members to increase their winnings and return on investment!

Winning FT Sportsbook

Sports Betting in Malaysia

Sports betting is very popular in Malaysia. Many people like to place sports bets while the game is live on TV. This adds to the excitement of the match and also allow people to win some money while enjoying their favorite pastime. At Red18, we have 3 of the best sportsbook in Asia, WFT Sports, CMD Sports, and TBS Sports.


























CMD368 Sportsbook


Types of Sports Betting in Sportsbook

There are many different types of Sports bets to choose from in our sports betting section. We offer more bet types than other online betting websites such as Malaysia Pools. We offer “Handicap”, “Over Under”, “First Half”, “Total Goal”, “Correct Score”, “First Team to Score”, “Parlay” bet types and many others. The more bet types available to the player, the easier it is to win!




TBS Sportsbook


How to Bet Soccer Online

It is very easy to place your soccer bet online. Just create an account on Red18 and make a deposit. You can start making bets once you have transferred your credit from the main wallet to the sportsbook wallet of your choice. It’s that easy! If you are not sure which bets to place, you may search the internet for some soccer betting tips. Some of these tipping websites have very accurate predictions and they can help you to double your money overnight!